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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase your products? 

Please visit our Product Locator to help you find a store in your area.

Unfortunately, we are not sold in every store. We are constantly working with retailers to gain more distribution. Please continue to check the Product Locator for updates on this matter.

We currently do not ship our products directly to our consumers.

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Where in my local grocery store can I find your Cooked Perfect products?

Typically, our products can be found in the frozen food section or the frozen meat section. Please ask your local store's meat manager or frozen food manager for further assistance.

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How long can your products be kept refrigerated (defrosted state) before spoiling?

Cooked Perfect Meatballs - Our meatballs can be kept refrigerated for up to 14 days without any concern of spoilage.

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What do I do if the product I purchased has "freezer burn"?

"Freezer burn" can occur when a package is not sealed properly and the cold dry air of the freezer draws moisture from the meat. "Freezer burn" also occurs when frozen food is not kept at a constant 32°F (0°C) or lower and condensation forms inside the bag. This is a common occurrence when frozen foods are thawed and then refrozen.

It is perfectly safe to consume our products if they have "freezer burn". You should follow the heating instructions as you normally would. However, we do not recommend consuming as "freezer burn" will give all food, not just our products, an off-taste and a very dry, tough texture.

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Why did I find a different number of meatballs inside the bag than the number stated on the outside of the bag? 

Our meatball products are packaged and sold by weight, not by count. The counts that are stated on the bags are approximate.

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Why did my bag of meatballs puff up in the freezer? 

We believe this is the result of shifts in temperature of the air inside the bag. This should not have any impact on product safety or quality.

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I followed the given microwave instructions for your meatballs but they were overcooked. Why?

The microwave instructions on the back of the package are for the stated specific number of meatballs and may vary depending on meatball variety and size. If you are cooking more or less than the quantity of meatballs indicated in the directions, the cook time should be altered. Although microwaves and their power levels vary, we recommend that you cook on high and allow 60-90 seconds for every six ½ oz. meatballs or three 1 oz. meatballs.

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Are all of your products approved by the USDA?

Yes. All our products are USDA-FSIS-regulated and FDA-regulated, and inspected by USDA.

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Do any of your products contain MSG?

We do not use MSG in any of our products as a flavor enhancer. Rather, through many years of developmental research, we have a custom group of ingredients that we use as flavor enhancers.

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Do any of your products contain allergens?

All of our products contain some kind of allergen(s) which is/are clearly declared in the ingredient statement on our packaging.

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How can I get coupons for your products? 

Like! us on Facebook for updates on our products, opportunities to receive coupons and enter contests!

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